I will work with you to develop a project management, agile, MS Project or Association Management course meeting your goals for content, course hours, target audience and delivery mechanism. I use a “learn by doing” approach to develop course materials with a practical element so learners can gain experience whilst in the classroom or online.

I have experience in a variety of course delivery techniques and can tailor instruction to meet your organizational and course needs.

About Course Design & Instruction

Learners will have the skills and confidence needed to manage projects in the real world from Day #1.

Benefits of our course design and instruction

Are you developing a project management program and need a course designer, curriculum developed or an instructor? 

I would be happy to help you.

Course Design & Instruction Solutions

  • Course Objectives – defining at a high level the purpose of the course

  • Learning Outcomes – defining skills and knowledge the learner will obtain during each lesson

  • Lesson Plans – defining activities to support each learning outcome

  • Curriculum Development – developing or discovering explanatory materials, supporting videos, articles, case studies

  • Classroom format – lecture style

  • Classroom format – blending lecture and hands-on practical exercises, discussions, quizzes, exploratory learning activities

  • Online learning – tutoring online learners using one-on-one interviews, and group “hangouts”

  • Student assessments – quizzes, assignments, case studies, marking and critique

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