Successful project management requires an approach that allows for continuous adaption of requirements to meet market and customer needs.  We have worked with dozens of software teams to successfully deliver projects of all sizes using agile tools and techniques including Scrum and Kanban.

What is Agile Project Management?

Agile Project Management solutions will help you meet your business objectives and maximize your return on investment.

Benefits of Agile Project Management

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Agile Delivers

According to the annual survey “The Chaos Manifesto”, conducted by the Standish Group in 2018, agile projects are almost twice as successful as projects implemented using the traditional Waterfall model, with less than half the failed projects.

Agile Project Management Solutions

  • Project selection process – determining the ROI on potential projects

  • Project Initiation & Planning – scope/SOW development, WBS, budget & schedule development

  • Monitoring, Controlling & Closing a project – day-to-day management of the project team

  • Scrum Master – leading and coaching agile teams in agile process

  • Project audit – determining the true status of the project

  • Project gap analysis – identifying the work remaining on the project to meet the project goal

  • Project re-planning – developing an estimate to completion, updated project schedule and revitalizing the project team

  • Root cause analysis – identifying how the project got into trouble and implementing changes in process and procedure to prevent a recurrence

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