About Coaching & Training

Provide your team with the skills and confidence needed to maximize the business value of your project.

Benefits of Coaching and Training

Adopting Agile? Need to beef up your project delivery capabilities?

I would be happy to help you.

Training and Coaching Solutions

  • Mentoring meetings – regular meetings with the project manager to discuss project issues

  • Project status review – reviewing the project status (budget, schedule, quality) to ensure the project is on track

  • Project management education – developing the project teams’ skills and knowledge

  • Project knowledge application – working with the project manager to identify ways in which theory can be applied in practice

  • Agile education – developing the teams’ skills and knowledge, and identifying way in which theory can be applied in practice

  • Methodology selection – what will work best for your team and why

  • Mentoring/coaching sessions – regular meetings with the project team to discuss issues

  • Process review – reviewing processes, ceremonies and performance reports (burndown, cumulative flow, WIP, velocity etc)

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