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Read what people have to say about Marina’s work: 

"Marina has displayed her breadth of knowledge with both PMO processes and Agile methodologies while helping us accelerate the training of some of our junior PMs… and refreshing my own ideas with different ways of doing things. She also helped me identify some bad habits I’d gotten into that I didn’t know I need to break for better outcomes.

She is patient and really listens. She adapts her teaching plan each session to teach around issues that had come up since our last session, which allows us to address our immediate problems instead of just getting a general overview.

She leverages her extensive experience to give real-world examples to show us why instead of just tell us why to approach problems a certain way. She also has some great insights into how to deal with different personalities on your team so that you can be an effective manager for everyone.

She also isn’t a process ideologue like may Project Managers I’ve met. She understands that process isn’t one-size-fits-all and promotes the idea of adapting your process toolkit to fit the scenario for the best coverage and outcomes.

I recommend Marina to anyone looking to beef up their project management chops, no matter what their experience level." (2019)

- Joel Trischuk, Senior PM - Cheeky Monkey Media

"I liked working with Marina while she was a Business Analyst at Vadim. She is focused, has a drive to get things done, and infuses the team with the same energy. As a BA, she was excellent in defining the requirements that were both accurate from the product point of view, and also precise from the developers perspective. She handled the ongoing communication well, keeping everybody updated, constructively answering questions with minimum delay. As a developer, I like working with Marina because she could understand the "dev language", and in turn I was confident the information she provided was correct and leading to success." (2014)

- Robert Began, Software Engineer - Vadim Software (Stardyne Group)

"I have been working with Marina for the last 9 months and can say without hesitation that she is a pleasure to do business with. Maria created a marketing strategy for my business and performed an audit on my web site making recommendations to improve the user experience, conversion rates and search engine optimization. Marina also provided a social media strategy and educated me on various aspects of digital marketing so I could fully understand the reason for the changes being made. If you are looking for help developing a marketing plan for an online business, I encourage you to consider Marina." (2014)

- Pamela Ballantyne, Gallery Owner & Artist Representative - Ballantyne Gallery

"Marina is a professional and experience Project Manager. She keeps everyone in the team focused, proactive, organized, and always keeps her project sin check. Her “get it done” attitude, and always keeping an eye on any opportunity for improvement made her a great contributor to the organization. I was very fortunate to have her as my manager and mentor while she was with QHR Technologies." (2014)

- Radian Baskaro, Project Manager - QHR Technologies (now Logibec)

"Marina has played a key role in creating and developing the society. As President, she promoted the society throughout the community and helped plan and coordinate project management events. Speaking on multiple occasions to society members, Marina has demonstrated and shared her knowledge of project management best practices." (November 5, 2009)

- Michael Ratch, President of the Project management Professionals Society of the BC Interior

“When I initially reviewed Marina’s resume I wasn’t sure what she would contribute to my project but I knew that I had to have her on my team. Within the first few days she opened my eyes to the importance of Project Management and helped me get a failing project back on track. With each new project since then I have applied what I learned from Marina only to realize that I will never be able to manage a project as well as she does. Marina’s business insight is invaluable and when combined with her knowledge of accounting, law and marketing there is no question of the value that she brings to a team.” (November 1, 2009)

- Doug Wilson, Manager, Software Development, Enquiro Search Solutions Inc.

“I worked with Marina on several projects before she left Accenture. I found her to be very professional in all her interactions with both staff and clients. She was also very organized and delivered her projects on-time and on-budget – a great project manager.” (October 24, 2009)

- Michael Senior, Manager, Accenture

“From 2001 to 2003 (approximately), Marina reported to me as an IT Project Manager, managing mid-size IT implementations. Marina was a very capable individual – well organized, a good communicator, and responsive to client needs. In her role as IT project manager, she was reliable when it came to ensuring effective project delivery, and demonstrated good quality control and process focus, which is how she got involved in leading a ‘recovery’ effort on one of our key Engineering projects. She worked very well with the technical lead on that project, and regained the customer’s confidence in our work. She was promoted as a result of her performance on that assignment. Based on my past experience with Marina, I would absolutely recommend her for future project management roles.” (December 18, 2008)

- Corinna Garriock, Senior Manager, Accenture

“Marina is an outstanding research manager that knows what her clients are looking for and is steadfast in accomplishing her goals. I highly recommend her for your projects.” (February 23, 2007)
- Eric M. Bell, Sales Director, Global Market Insite (GMI)

“Marina provided us with a very impressive usability study of a couple of our web sites. The attention to detail and professionalism of the reports was outstanding, and I’d be happy to recommend her, and Enquiro, to anyone.” (December 26, 2006)
- Dan Perry, SEO Director, Turner Broadcasting

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